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Introduction to Direct Marketing using Data Source Direct Databases

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is the communication of effective Sales Messages to Prospects and Qualified Sales Leads that can lead to sales after additional efforts of persuasion.

It is the first step in a managed sales process that can lead to a successful sale.

Prospects are contacted via email, letter or telephone and an initial sales message is given to them to introduce the seller and the seller's products and services and to invoke a favorable response from the prospect for more information about the products or services.

For a prospect to advance to the next step in the sales cycle of being a qualified sales lead, the prospect must respond to the initial communication with an interest in the initial offer either by email or a telephone call.

Next, the prospect's circumstances must be researched to determine the product or service's applicability, the prospects budget allocation and time frame for purchase along with other useful information about the company, its industries and its products and services.

What is the role of a Database?

Successful Direct Marketing requires first of all a Database of Prospects, such as those provided by Data Source

Beyond the Prospect Database, successful Direct Marketing also requires an infrastructure of mail merge software and communications techniques such as Advanced Sales Letters, Batch eMail Software and Autoresponders.

Direct Marketing has grown to a $20 Billion (usd) industry in 2008 and stands to increase in future years.

The role of Mailings and Sales Letters

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