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Mailing and Sales Letters with Data Source Direct Databases

Writing persuasive sales letters used for mailing or for eMailing is an important step in moving a prospect along into becoming a sale.

The art of writing a series of effective sales letters is complex and involved and has been mastered by very few.

Effective Sales letters conform to rules such as "Stress the Benefits not the Features", "Speak to the individual reader, not the group", "Make the headline about the most important Benefit", etc.

Here are a few Sales Letter techniques:

  • Target the right audience, the 2 out of 1000 that will buy
  • Make the headline attention getting
  • Make the headline cause the reader to read the next sentence
  • Put at least 2 sub headlines in each page
  • Make sure your opening paragraph builds on the headline
  • Cut up longer sentences and make shorter ones.
  • No paragraph longer than 5 lines
  • Put testimonials in the letter
  • Make the Letter friendly and personable
  • Tell the reader why you are making the offer.
  • Put lots of bullets in the Sales Letter
  • Etc.

Some Sales Letter techniques stress longer (4 page) sales letters.

Sales Letters should be tested at first. Create 2 or 3 versions, send them to different database subsets and measure the response of each .. then use the best performing one in the following major campaign.

What role does a database play in using Sales Letters?

Even after the sales letter are developed, they still have to be targeted to the right prospects by using a software infrastructure connected to a relevant database like the ones available from Data Source Direct. The database feeds the mailmerge software for postal mailing or the email system upload for batch emails.

eMailing with Data Source Direct Databases

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