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Using Autoresponders with Data Source Direct Databases

A step up from manual, or batch email systems is the Autoresponder system, which is a system that provides for prewritten set of sales pages to be automatically sent, one at a time to a new prospect after they first sign up in predetermined delayed time periods.

Single Stream Autoresponders

Single Stream Autoresponders are a linear system that simply sends a page after a time period goes by. The stream is not changed depending on whether a user responds or not.

Multiple Stream Autoresponders

A more advanced Autoresponder system provides for multiple sequences embedded in a system of predefined interactive outcomes, which changes what the prospect sees next depending on which messages they respond to and which they ignore. .

Using Data Source Direct Databases, and after taking the proper precautions, you can program either a single stream or multiple stream autoresponder to be fed by the full database or by new users signing up.

Overview of Direct Marketing Databases

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